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Omar Gutiérrez and Ivanna Gutiérrez

Formed by two charismatic young brother and sister pianists originating in Baja California, Both have a Russian and Armenian musical performing education , they outstanding musicians with a bright, individual style and multifaceted field of interests. They are searchers, researchers, rebels, travelers, cosmopolites, and proudly of their musical work.
















In September/October 2017 ,  they toured successfully thru Italy, France and Mexico.  His second album ‘’The Art of two pianos’’ was professionally compiled in the recording studio of Teatro delle Voci in Venzia, Italy.  His second CD is dedicated to  Dance-infused classical music for two pianos includes works by A. Borodin, Saint-Saens, A. Kachaturiam, A. Marquez, Piazzolla and Gutiérrez. 


In 2013 they made a concert tour of Spain along with professionally recorded his first album with the European Seal Discography on Calma Estudi in Palma of Mallorca, where they have been recognized for their great performance and musical expression.


Currently they present actively as concert pianists in festivals, competitions, concerts, and radio and television. In turn Omar Gutiérrez presented and premiered works written by him with great success.

They are also committed to charitable causes artists, participating in concerts to raise funds to benefit foundations in Mexico to support people with cancer, scholarships to under privileged youth, to name a few.


Some awards:
- From 2008 to 2010 consecutively Ivanna Gutierrez obtained recognition as "artistry of Baja California"


- In 2008 Omar Gutierrez won first place in the "V International Biennial of classical piano" competition

El Arte a dos Pianos.jpg

- Were selected to be part of the International Journal of artists "Baja Artists" and in 2013 obtained the "Silver 1000" award in the category Performing Artists.

- In the 2012 cycle they were the image of Rotary International Club "Peace through service" and represented youth, art and culture.



‘’Aspects news’’

‘’MASTERY VELADA; Omar and Ivanna They gave to Cancún on their 45th birthday a magnificent debut full of virtuosity and interpretative maturity, astonishing the audience’’.


‘’The Vigia’’ .

‘’With a spectacular piano concert, the brothers Omar and Ivanna Gutiérrez, young concertists, demonstrated why they are considered quality musicians and a high level when they perform a repertoire in homage to the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt’’.


‘’CIAO Cultural Magazine’’.

A concert that showed the great Talent of the Omar brothers and Ivanna Gutiérrez's career is reflected at the moment of playing the piano.


‘’The Vigia’’ .

‘’Representative from Baja California, MX, in international venues in Mexico City, Italy and France. In those places, he received an unparalleled response from the public, which manifested itself spellbound by the excellent execution that characterizes Omar Gutiérrez’’.



'' The brother and sister Omar and Ivanna currently presented as concert pianists in different places where they have been delighted with their great talent ''.


‘’Tijuana News’’

"In the framework of the third anniversary of the Tecate State Arts Center, a majestic concert was held on two pianos by Baja Californian musicians Omar and Ivanna."


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October 02, 2017

Concert de Musique Mexicaine

Maisson du Mexique en París , Francia

Concert of Mexican and Spanish Music Invited by the Mexican Embassy in Paris.
From the 2017 international tour through Mexico, Italy and France



September 29, 2017

Concerto Musiche Ispano- Messicane

Concerto in Palazzo Reale, Genova, Italia

Concert of Mexican and Spanish Music Invited by the Consulate of Mexico in Italy.
From the 2017 international tour through Mexico, Italy and France



September 18, 2017

Recital de Piano México-España

Piano Concert Mexico- Español, FONOTECA NACIONAL,

 México City.

Celebrating the patriotic month with works for piano of the greatest

Mexican and Spanish composers.

From the 2017 international tour through Mexico, Italy and France.



September 16, 2017

Piano Concert Mexico- Español

Magno piano concierto CCMB Elisa Carrillo hall, Edo. de Mex.

Celebrating the patriotic month with works for piano
of the greatest Mexican and Spanish composers.
From the 2017 international tour through Mexico, Italy and France.



July 13, 2017

Piano Concert México-España

Center of Art CEART Ensenada, B.C.

Concerto for solo piano and duet with four hands. 
With a repertoire of the best works with some of the most important
Mexican and Spanish composers such as:

I. Albeniz, E. Lecuona, M. Ponce, A. Marquez, C. Chavez.

As well as works by O. Gutiérrez also.



July 01, 2017

The Art of Piano

Centro Cultural Tijuana CECUT

Concert for two pianos with a multi-cultural repertoire of the great classical composers
with works and transcriptions based on the dances that represent Europe and Latin America.
As well as a world premiere of O. Gutiérrez.




June 22, 2017

Piano Concert México-España

 Center of Arts CEART Mexicali

Concerto for  piano solo and duet with four hands ,
with a repertoire of the best works with some of the most important
Mexican and Spanish composers. As well as works by O. Gutiérrez.



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His repertoire includes some of the most important concerti , soloist works, duets four hands and two piano works in piano literature:  Beethoven, Liszt, Grieg, Saint-Saens, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Gershwin, Castro, Ponce, Carrasco,  Marquez, and original works of OMAR GUTIERREZ .

Some of their teachers are the pianists: Oxana Bulgakova, Ella Korobchenko, Evgeny Korolkov, She Melik Husyean, violinist Ara Ghukasyan and the soprano Galina Pashniak among others. They have also had master classes with renowned soloists such as: Faritza Chibirova (Russia), David Gomez (Spain). And they were also part of the musical composition course taught by Maestro Jose Echeverria Roman.

Events / Notes

comments of some personalities and masters of music about the interpretations of OMAR and IVANNA.


International piano competition winner Tchaikovsky 1974.

‘’Well Done, Very Talented!’’


Russian ambassador to Mexico

‘’Very excited and surprised to see the excellent work of  brother and sister  Omar Ivanna’’


Concert pianist

‘’Beautiful Playing, A wonderful Talent!’’


Pianista concertista & artist Steinway international.

‘’They have a great talent’’


Concert pianist

‘’Very expressive and excellent sound’’


Winner of the international orchertra conductors competition 3.0 at Spain

The taste for beauty, never excessive stylistic choices, sound research and the union between tradition and innovation mean that the two versatile artists, Omar Gutiérrez and Ivanna, always able to approach the perfection, giving the public the unique emotions and creating magical atmosphere of ecstasy and wonder that only music can evoke.


Concert pianist

‘’I feel lucky to have attended the concert of Ivanna Omar Gutierrez. Mexican extraordinary pianists with pride’’


Pianist at the National Conservatory of Mexico.

‘’You have a great virtuosity and unlimited potential’’

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